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Enjoy Q*bert Rebooted in 2D or 3D Mode on Your Phone or Tablet

Q*Bert Rebooted APK: A Classic Arcade Game with a Modern Twist

If you are a fan of retro arcade games, you might remember Q*Bert, the colorful and quirky game that was released in 1982 by Gottlieb. Q*Bert was one of the most popular and influential games of its time, featuring a cute orange character that had to jump on isometric cubes and change their colors while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Q*Bert was a simple but addictive game that challenged your reflexes, logic, and strategy.

But what if you could play Q*Bert with a modern twist? What if you could enjoy the classic gameplay with improved graphics, new features, and more challenges? Well, now you can, thanks to Q*Bert Rebooted APK, a remastered version of the arcade hit that is available for Android devices. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Q*Bert Rebooted APK, including what it is, why you should download it, what features it offers, how to download and install it, and some tips and tricks for playing it. Let's get started!

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What is Q*Bert Rebooted APK?

Q*Bert Rebooted APK is an Android game that is based on the original Q*Bert arcade game. It was developed by Sideline Amusements, Gonzo Games, and LOOT Interactive in collaboration with Columbia Pictures Industries. It was released in 2014 for various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, iOS, and Android.

Q*Bert Rebooted APK is not just a simple port of the old game. It is a re-imagined version that offers two fun play modes: Classic Arcade and Q*Bert Rebooted. The Classic Arcade mode stays true to the original game in its pixel-perfect 2D form, while the Q*Bert Rebooted mode introduces new enemies, playable characters, power-ups, traps, gems, and challenges in a 3D environment. Both modes are exciting twitch games that require keen puzzle-solving skills and logic.

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Why should you download Q*Bert Rebooted APK?

There are many reasons why you should download Q*Bert Rebooted APK on your Android device. Here are some of them:

  • It is a nostalgic game that will bring back memories of the golden age of arcade gaming.

  • It is a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours.

  • It is a challenging game that will test your skills and strategy.

  • It is a colorful and vibrant game that will delight your eyes and ears.

  • It is a free game that does not require any in-app purchases or ads.

Features of Q*Bert Rebooted APK

Two fun play modes: Classic Arcade and Q*Bert Rebooted

Q*Bert Rebooted APK offers two different ways to play the game: Classic Arcade and Q*Bert Rebooted. The Classic Arcade mode is the original game that was released in 1982. It features the same graphics, sounds, gameplay, and levels as the arcade version. You control Q*Bert as he jumps on cubes and changes their colors while avoiding enemies like Coily, Ugg, Slick, Sam, Wrong Way, and Red addition to the classic foes like Coily and Ugg, you will also face new enemies like Homer, Melty, and Zily. Each enemy has a different behavior and strategy that will challenge you.

  • New playable characters: You can unlock and play as different characters, such as Q*Zee, Q*Bot, Q*Bertha, Q*Knight, and Q*nicorn. Each character has a special power that can help you in the game, such as freezing enemies, teleporting, or creating shields.

  • New power-ups: You can collect and use various power-ups that will give you an edge in the game, such as magnets, bombs, whistles, and clocks. Each power-up has a different effect and duration that will affect your gameplay.

  • New traps: You will encounter new traps that will make the game more challenging, such as spikes, portals, black holes, and lasers. Each trap has a different function and hazard that will require you to be careful and smart.

  • New gems: You will find new gems that will add more variety and rewards to the game, such as rainbow gems, diamond gems, and fire gems. Each gem has a different value and bonus that will boost your score and performance.

Improved graphics, music, and performance

Q*Bert Rebooted APK also improves the graphics, music, and performance of the game. It has a colorful and vibrant 3D design that enhances the visual appeal of the game. It also has a catchy and upbeat soundtrack that matches the mood of the game. It also runs smoothly and flawlessly on most Android devices, without any lag or glitches.

Exclusive content for NVIDIA SHIELD devices

If you have an NVIDIA SHIELD device, such as a tablet or a TV, you can enjoy exclusive content for Q*Bert Rebooted APK. You can play the game with enhanced graphics and resolution that take advantage of the NVIDIA Tegra processor. You can also use the NVIDIA SHIELD controller to play the game with more comfort and precision. You can also access additional levels and characters that are only available for NVIDIA SHIELD devices.

How to download and install Q*Bert Rebooted APK

Requirements and compatibility

To download and install Q*Bert Rebooted APK on your Android device, you need to meet some requirements and compatibility criteria. Here are some of them:

  • You need to have an Android device that runs on Android 4.1 or higher.

  • You need to have at least 100 MB of free storage space on your device.

  • You need to have a stable internet connection to download the APK file.

  • You need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device settings.

  • You need to have an NVIDIA SHIELD device if you want to access the exclusive content.

Steps to download and install Q*Bert Rebooted APK

Downloading and installing Q*Bert Rebooted APK on your Android device is easy and fast. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on this link to download the Q*Bert Rebooted APK file: [Q*Bert Rebooted APK Download].

  • Wait for the download to finish and locate the APK file on your device.

  • Tap on the APK file and follow the instructions to install the game.

  • Launch the game and enjoy playing Q*Bert Rebooted APK.

Tips and tricks for playing Q*Bert Rebooted APK

Playing Q*Bert Rebooted APK can be fun and rewarding, but also challenging and frustrating. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you master the game and have a better gaming experience:

  • Learn the patterns and behaviors of the enemies and avoid them as much as possible.

  • Use the spinning discs to escape from Coily and other enemies that chase you.

  • Collect the green balls to freeze the enemies for a few seconds.

  • Use the power-ups wisely and strategically to overcome difficult situations.

  • Try different characters and find out which one suits your play style best.

  • Complete the challenges and objectives to earn stars, trophies, and achievements.

  • Play both modes and compare your scores with other players online.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Q*Bert Rebooted APK is a great game that combines the nostalgia of the classic arcade game with the innovation of the modern version. It offers two fun play modes, new enemies, playable characters, power-ups, traps, gems, improved graphics, music, performance, and exclusive content for NVIDIA SHIELD devices. It is a free game that does not require any in-app purchases or ads. It is a challenging game that will test your skills and strategy. It is a colorful and vibrant game that will delight your eyes and ears. It is a


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