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Nature Journaling Resources

Consider the resources found on this page as a network

of stepping stones to explore as you travel

your own nature journaling path.

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About Us

The Wild Wonder Foundation is dedicated to encouraging nature connection and conservation through attention, curiosity, art, science, and community.

This organization is the direct result of 35+ years of dedicated work by author John Muir Laws to create, nurture, and grow a diverse, worldwide nature journaling community through his legendary generosity, enthusiastic teaching, and boundless energy and joy.

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Explore.  Be Curious.  Connect.     

Any learning journey has a source of inspiration, a mentor to help guide us, and spring to help feed our growing curiosity.

These are just a few people who share their love of nature journaling.

Your Nature Journaling Toolkit


You'll find that each instructor has nature journaling supplies and resources they recommend.  Many sell nature journaling supplies directly on their website.

Living where we do, with the closest art supply store a few hours away, we often search the internet for what we need.

Please buy from your local art supply store first.  It's important we remain an interconnected community (state) and support each other... hence, for Seward, Blaine's Art Supply (in Anchorage) is the first tile.

The other tiles are other independent artists and small businesses that offer everything you need for your nature journaling toolkit.

Let Curiosity and Wonder Be Your Guide:
Just a Few More Connections & Inspiration

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