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Nature Journaling for a Wild Life... Even in Winter!

The end of February brought us to our final evening of learning & practicing together using Roseann Hanson’s book, Nature Journaling for a Wild Life. Participants joined, via Zoom, from here in Seward and other Alaska communities to Washington State and Montana.

For eight consecutive Monday evenings we explored questions deepening our connection to place. We learned, practiced, and shared the nature journaling skills in chapters 1-8, and became more intentional observers of our own environments. Aside from enjoying each class session, a bond of sharing a common interest and learning together deepened over the weeks

Following are a few examples of shared participant work. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for an independent resource to help grow your own nature journaling practice, I’d highly recommend Nature Journaling for a Wild Life. The chapters are short with excellent examples of each skill being introduced and plenty of hints to help you incorporate the techniques into your own observational practice of nature.

As Winter slowly begins to transition to Spring the lengthening hours of sunlight gradually warms our days and aides the melting of the snow which still blankets the ground in white. Soon enough we’ll be able to start nature journaling together outdoors… forever hopeful!

As soon as it seems feasible, even if just for short forays at first, I’ll share a schedule of times/places to meet-up. Everyone is welcome! Please join us, invite a friend, or bring a child who is interested in deepening their connection to nature through the practice of journaling.

AND if you are interested in receiving future updates, I’ve added an easy way to subscribe to these intermittent blog posts. On the Seward Nature Journaling homepage, you’ll find a “Join our mailing list” box. This will be the final “blanket blast” I send to everyone knowing we all get way too many emails in our inboxes.

Peace, Kirstie

Barb Johnson

Cherie Northon

Julia Munger

Lindy Kinn

Sue McIntosh

Sue McIntosh

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