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Nature Journaling at the Copper River Shorebird Festival! Begins on May 2nd, 2024 in Cordova

Another "must do" opportunity for growing your nature journaling curiosity and skills! You'll experience the close, small coastal town life of Cordova while enjoying a rich learning opportunity with Kim McNett, one of Alaska's best nature journaling instructors!

During the 2023 Copper River Shorebird Festival John Muir Laws was the guest instructor. Yes, that was such an amazing learning experience... both the indoor skill-building classes and the outdoor journaling field trips with the man who brings the world of nature journaling alive around our planet.

This year our very own Kim McNett will be offering a new slate of learning opportunities during the 2024 Copper River Shorebird Festival! Check Kim's website to get just a sampling of some of the work she does and the workshops she offers. We had the enriching opportunity to have Kim providing nature journaling workshops to both youth and adults here in Seward last Summer.

If you can make it to Cordova during the festival you will develop new relationships and skills to last your lifetime.

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