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Six-Word Life Story... and onto another chapter!

Last weekend I participated in a 49 Writer's workshop in Anchorage. Our opening activity was to write our life story in just six words. Here's what I wrote:

"Face forward. Drink tea. Trust. Leap."

What would your six words be?

When I think about how Seward Nature Journaling began and has been evolving, it seems to be following this general pattern of my brief life story. A story chapter I can now reflect back on and begin envisioning what may lie ahead.

As snow comes and goes from the mountain peaks surrounding Seward and gold-colored leaves fall to the ground with each gust of wind, I made final notes in the garden journal today and shelved it for the 2023 season. It was a cool, wet Summer with all too few sunny days. The transition to Autumn has been marked by a few frosty mornings and final winterizing of the garden. Settling-in. Slowing down. The woodstove crackles each day, now.

Thinking back over this year's workshops brings a smile and deep gratitude. In 2022, Seward Nature Journaling offered one workshop and in 2023 we had four very different offerings. We also received very generous support from both the Seward Community Foundation and Seward Arts Council to help make these workshops possible both this year and into the future.

Seward Arts Council (SAC) provided support for the July nature journaling workshops with Kim McNett from Homer. Seward Community Foundation (SCF) provided support to purchase materials for workshops held this year and into the future. We were able to offer all of Kim's workshops to youth for free and provide workshop supplies for all participants.

March: Journaling Your Garden with Kirstie Willean

April: Poetry & Field Journaling with Shauna Potocky

July: Drawing to Learn, Coastal Habitats & Landscapes, Nature Journaling for Kids with Kim McNett

August: Folded Feathers with Kassandra Mirosh

Now, facing forward, I was happy to be able to pay-forward future grant funds with recent donations to both SAC and SCF! This past month I had a quilt hanging at Ranting Raven as part of the September First Friday show. From the quilt's fabric scraps I made zippy bags to sell as a fundraiser for these donations. It was exciting to have all of the bags sell and be able to contribute to both organizations who do so much to support our community! Heartfelt thanks to each person who purchased a zippy bag.

Next up! Thoughts of coordinating some nature journaling mini-workshops or gatherings for the Winter months before us are beginning to percolate. Is there something specific you'd be interested in learning or working on? Email me your ideas.

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