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Summer Solstice Nature Journaling Prompt: Recording a Dawn Chorus

One of my inspirations for nature journaling is Melinda Nakagawa of Spark in Nature

I met Melinda at the first Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference in 2019

and have participated in several of her classes since then. 

I often incorporate Melinda’s ways of capturing bird observations

into my own nature journaling practices.

Here’s my Dawn Chorus journaling from Summer Solstice 2023.

The idea is to capture the bird song you hear

leading up to and following the morning’s dawn. 

Of course, for those of us in Alaska, dawn is a rather ephemeral concept in mid-Summer. 

There are no rules about what time of year you journal a Dawn Chorus. 

I just thought it would be a fun way to honor the Summer Solstice.

Here’s some suggestions that may make this a memorable experience

that you’ll want to try… wherever you may be:

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