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Nature Brings our Souls Alive!

Each morning I begin my day with a short reading from the book Everyday Gratitude: Inspiration for Living Life As A Gift. Today's quote made me reflect on how much closer I've been paying attention to my environment right here at home, lately.

The first order of each day is to take our pups, Willbur and Charlotte, outside for a short stroll on the path into the woods behind our home. For several years I've paused to observe how the Turkey Tails are progressing with their slow and steady decomposition of a dying alder. Last month the ferns captured my attention, as well... which lead to some journaling.

Despite the weather having other ideas, the Summer Solstice was on Wednesday. I had learned about this practice of observing and recording the Dawn Chorus of bird song quite awhile ago, and like many good intentions I hadn't yet made the time. This year, my celebration of the return of Summer was to arise @ 3:30am to journal the Dawn Chorus. Despite the rain, fog, and chilly 48 degrees it was a beautiful way to connect with the day. For more information about journaling a Dawn Chorus and inspiration, visit Melinda Nakagawa's SPARK IN NATURE website.

Another phenomenon that has caught my attention this season is the bright red cones on the Sitka Spruce around our yard. I added a note to my Perpetual Journal and will make time soon to record my observations and delve into all the questions I have in a different journal. To learn about the process of keeping a perpetual journal, visit Laura Call Gastinger's beautifully illustrated website.

Here's hoping to see you soon for a day of journaling... once the weather begins to cooperate with a bit less precipitation.

There is still space available in both the upcoming youth (July 18th-20th) and adult (July 15th & 16th)nature journaling classes, here in Seward, with Kim McNett from Homer! We'd love to have you join us!

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