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Fundraising & Fun on First Friday

Believing whole-heartedly in the importance of paying-it-forward, reciprocity, and supporting the community I call home I invite you to join me at Ranting Raven, Friday night, 01September, 6-8pm.

My Flower Fusion quilt will be on display... created in the depths of this past Winter... while at the same time contemplating both the upcoming gardening season and nature journaling workshops offered here in Seward. To support these workshops, I applied for and received very generous grants from both the Seward Arts Council and the Seward Community Foundation. Now it's time to pay-it-forward for future grantees.

I will be selling Flower Fusion Zippy Bags ($25 each). Made from quilting scraps, these handheld pouches are always popular gifts. The profit from the sale of the bags will be donated to the Seward Arts Council and Seward Community Foundation. So, please come and join the First Friday fun and help support our community at the same time by purchasing a zippy bag while viewing the quilt display at Ranting Raven. See you there!

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