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Ok, just to make things a little more interesting... We did the full rebrand of the store. We now proudly and grandly advertise to all our new customers, "We're The Experience - But We Like Comics!" Oh, and the new logo - haha.

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I am writing to ask that you contact our local DAYTONA STATE COLLEGE, here in Daytona Beach, Florida and afford them some of your on air programming. Their antenna broadcast station channel 15.3 Worldview programming will cease this February 2020. Are you able to offer them your rights to broadcast some of your holdings/programs such as the American Experience, Reading Rainbow, Great Performances, Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact and the like in those genres Understand that the PBS stations from UCF are not viewable in this area. As we are not familiar with the rights for certain broadcast programs, am asking that you contact Mr. Larry Lowe at DSC 386-506-3508 and offer this station programs that we the retired viewing audience can watch. Know that we are and have been local residents who enjoy entertaining programs via antenna, and we are asking for your assistance in providing our local educational station with programs that are not currently available to them for broadcast. Thank You for your courtesy in achieving this goal. We do not want to lose our channel, and know you can provide programs for local viewers. Respectfully, Doc


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