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Bernina 180 Software For Windows 7

Hi Debra,Bernina's Embroidery Software V6 Update will not work with old V3 type dongles. You do have a couple of options. First, you could try using a virtualization software to run a guest operating system on the new computer. I've used this method before. Microsoft has a virtualization software called Virtual PC, and I've also used one called VirtualBox. You'd have to have a custom computer/motherboard that has the old LPT type printer port if you go this route. Your only other option would be to wait until Bernina has another trade in your dongle event... and I have no idea when that would be. Well, that's not entirely true. If you can obtain a V4 update package, you could then update your V3 dongle to V4, and then buy a V6 update package and update a second time.

Bernina 180 Software For Windows 7

I have the Bernina Artista 180 with Bernina PC Embroidery Software Version 3. My dongle no longers allows me access to the magic wand(auto digitizing) part of the software. Where can I find a copy of V4 software? Please help.

I have V3 software & have upgraded to V5. The problem is that V3 was on my old computer with windows ME& a parallel port for the dongle. With V5, my windows XP computer does not have a parallel port but it does have USB. When loading the software, it wants verify the parallel port dongle and the USB at the same time to upgrade. Is there any way of loading the V5 software without the parallel port? Or do I need to buy another computer?

I have the B&V software for my Barudan machine. I recently had to replace my computer and cannot find the dongle to run the software. Does anyone have a dongle that came with the B&V software they no longer need? Is B&V still in business? Are there any other options available besides getting a new software program? HELP, please.

I have the Bernina Embroidery Software 6 update. I have the Version 4 ssoftware and dongle which does not allow me to get the full upgrade. I believe I need the Version 5 dongle to do this. Do you know where I might purchase or trade for a Version 5 dongle so that I could upgrade to the full Version 6 Designer Plus?

Hi , we live and work in Saudi Arabia. I bought the Bernina Aurora 430 a few months ago. The nearest Bernina retailer is more than an hours drive from me and to be honest, the men that work there do not seem to be experts. They gave me software with the machine, V1!!! It is useless to say the least. I can not import any images to edit because it is so outdated and the software that i think is suppose to convert pictures from jpegs to art is not included. I would like to know if it is possible to purchase the new V6 online and download it to my PC. Or if you have any suggestions on how I can make my software work until I can buy new software? Thank you

Hi Helena, unfortunately because the V6 software requires a USB security device, it is impossible to download. You will need to purchase the software from a Bernina dealer. Even though you don't like your local dealer, you must have liked them enough to purchase your machine, so I suggest going back there for the software and software lessons.

Thank you so much for your reply. I went back to Bernina here in Saudi and I was pleasantly surprised that the other man that served me did have knowledge on the products that I needed and on your advise I purchased the new software designer plus v6, dongle and all at a great price, the last of his old stock, ( I must add, I did not receive a dongle with my machine , are they suppose to sell them with your machine or only with new software?) I hope my questions to not seem dumb, I'm still figuring things out. But anyway, my software works great, download anything from the net! Thank you again!

After my dongle broke a few months ago I tried to buy a new dongle thru Bernina. Not a chance! I have the original box and the original receipt in MY name. The only suggestion / help? I have had is to buy a new software for almost 1000 pounds. I am utterly disappointed and there is no way I will do that. I own this software - I have paid full wack for it once. and don't need an upgrade to v6 (mines v4) until I win the lottery. In desperation I handed my dongle in to a PC repair place and it was thrown away as non repairable. If anyone know how to get my program up and running again PLEASE email me!

I was searching You tube and came upon a man who was showing how to use a USB to serial adaptor for a 180e, I do not know if this could help you. I agree that when a dongle is broken stolen what ever the situation, and that dongle has been registered with bernina, bernina should provide a replacement, makes good business sense. I have V3 designer plus with the old dongle, I am buying a new computer and trying the virtual PC, and then use the adapters, if this doesn't work I am selling my machine and going with Singer quantet, Futura. It is their newest machine, the size of 830 and comes with ALL the software, Check it out on HSN

I got a new Windows 10 computer and cannot download my Explorations Software disc. I bought the software in 2005 and love it. I cannot get it installed on new computer. Please tell me what I need to do? I have Version 1

Carol, I think the only thing you can do at this point would be to run Explorations in a virtual environment, and a guest operating system that is compatible with version 1. You might take a look at "Virtual Box", which is a free virtualization software product.

I recently heard that my Bernina design software 6 was not going to work on my windows 8 so even though I didn't like windows 8 I was a little afraid to change to windows 10. After awhile I decided to go ahead and make the change. That was about a month ago I believe. I was finally able to take the time to get back to my designing. I now find out my software will not work. in fact I cannot even find the designs that came with it. I cannot get out of one screen. What can be done to fix this ????? I certainly hope something can be. It was a dream to get this program and I can not afford to replace it. Please help...Beth

Beth, Bernina dealers will always offer an upgrade package (for a price). This is usually the cheapest way to get the new version, which is normally designed to work with the latest operating systems. Bernina may also offer software patches or other fixes on their website. Since we're not a Bernina dealer anymore, I really can't give you better advice. Hope this helps.

I have a newer laptop that does not support the dongle for V2. I upgraded to V4, but it won't install unless I put the dongle in for V2. such a conundrum! I wish Bernina would help the consumer by letting them upgrade to a newer version and then give them the FULL version, so we don't have to keep putting the old dongles in and having issues with newer technology!!! What advice to you have for me. I've already spent well over 2,000.00 for these two softwares. I even bought an adaptor to use with my 170e machine. Now that I have the 730e, and a new laptop, I really need to have the "full" newer version, not an upgrade. I'm stuck with expensive software and no way to use it. Please help!

Bernina International AG is a privately owned international manufacturer of sewing and embroidery systems. The company was founded in Steckborn, Switzerland, by a Swiss inventor Fritz Gegauf. The company develops, manufactures, and sells goods and services for the textile market, primarily household sewing-related products in the fields of embroidery, quilting, home textiles, garment sewing, and crafting.[2] The origins of the company lie in the invention of the hemstitch sewing machine, invented in 1893 by a Swiss inventor and entrepreneur Karl Friedrich Gegauf. Currently, the company's products include sewing machines, embroidery machines, serger/overlocker machines, and computer software for embroidery design.

The Bernina Textile Group is a globally active group of 15 companies doing business in 80 countries. The company operates in the product categories such as household sewing and embroidery machines, household overlocker machines, longarm quilting machines, multineedle embroidery machines, accessories (presser foot, embroidery hoops and other accessories for sewing, quilting and overlocking), and computer software for embroidery design. 041b061a72


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